California bans captive breeding of SeaWorld killer whales

“The California Coastal Commission on Thursday approved a $100 million expansion of the tanks SeaWorld uses to hold killer whales in San Diego β€” but it banned breeding of the captive orcas that would live in them.

Animal rights activists praised the decision as a death blow to the use of killer whales at the California ocean park. . . .

Under the expansion, SeaWorld would demolish portions of a 1995 facility that included a 1.7 m gallon pool and replace it with a 5.2 m gallon tank and 450,000 gallon pool.”

Because SeaWorld can no longer obtain orcas from the wild, the 11 at SeaWorld San Diego will be the last to live in captivity there. At least they will live in a much bigger tank … but many scientists animal activists will continue to fight for their eventual release. SeaWorld has not yet announced whether it will file a legal challenge to the Coastal Commission’s new ruling.

Read The Guardian article here


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