ideas to inspire positive action

Tips on upping your personal Badassity, and, not incidentally, greatly reducing your environmental footprint and your stress level: Mr. Money Mustache Blog

Want to reintegrate your life into a system of community and ecological rebuilding? Series of truly transformative videos: Verge Permaculture

Dance your pants off and heal the planet too: The Polish Ambassador’s Permaculture Action Network

You can stop poisoning yourself:

Join the Guardian’s climate change campaign: Keep It in the Ground

U.S readers, contact your congresspeople and let them know how you’d like them to vote! Personal letters or phone calls are probably most likely to make an impact; emails, less so, but they’re better than nothing. Here’s a quick, easy way to get your congressperson’s contact info.

Worried that your kid may grow up with nature deficit disorder? Move to northwest Washington, where they are pioneering nature schools in Seattle and in rural areas. Short of that, learn more about outdoor schools here.


because we live in a beautiful world

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